The annual organisational Plus subscription is $4,500 a year/ £3,686.94 a year, which includes:

  • Instant access to our handbook, and an organisational licence
  • Access to hundreds of the most up-to-date DEI research briefings
  • Access to all activities, guides, and handouts for each individual research briefing
  • Monthly trends newsletter
  • Access to the OR DEI Practitioners Forum
  • Weekly PowerPoint slides already done for you
  • No more time spent searching for the right consultant: Access to our DEI consultants directory
  • Networking: Access to our DEI professionals events
  • Request service: Does your organisation need to know the research on a specific DEI issue? Just ask, and we will do the research for you and create your very own research briefing on the matter
  • A full membership of the Oxford Review for one holder - worth $419 a year!
  • A white label
  • Access to our live research-based DEI seminars
  • One bespoke briefing a year that is only made for you and your organisation

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